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Welcome to Mike McCoy Ministries

Mike McCoy Ministries reaches students in Catholic schools with the message of Faith, Hope, and Encouragement; enabling them to make better decisions in their lives.

Mike McCoy’s passion is empowering youth and helping them develop a larger vision for their lives.  Mike will deliver a Faith-based message of Hope and Encouragement that will help students overcome challenges, deal with peer pressure and to develop the self-confidence to achieve true success as planned by our Creator. Mike also speaks to Teen Life groups, Men’s Retreats, Private Schools and Men’s Conferences with the message of Faith, Hope and Encouragement.

The Need:

Mike believes every student in America is at risk. Regardless of their race, creed, or if they are rich, middle class, or poor. Whether they attend a public school, private school or Catholic school, they are all at risk. Why? It is because of the influences of our culture. Mike believes the shift started in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s from Faith, Family and Friends to what we have today – Friends, Friends, maybe Family, and where Faith is almost irrelevant. Mike is standing against the influences that are undermining the future of so many. He lays out a Faith-based plan around landmines in the field of life to help students lead a life of purpose and meaning.



Meet The Team

Board of Directors

  • Jed Ervin
  • Jim & Peggy Flanigan
  • Paul Gill
  • Mike Kelly
  • Van Kottis
  • Chuck Lennon
  • Greg Marx
  • Joseph & Michael Maxim
  • Michael Murphy
  • Steve Quinn
  • Patrick Steenberge
  • Tim Wilson
  • William Sommers

Advisory Board

  • Fr. Todd Belardi
  • Joanne Clayback
  • Larry Forness
  • Fr. Scott Jabo
  • Herman Krieghauser
  • Scott Malpass
  • Larry Melody
  • Mike Moffitt
  • Paul Neeve
  • Kristin L. Sheehan
  • Joe Theismann
  • Brett Yoder

Mike McCoy Ministries Inc.

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